MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees

OOTP Universe Yankees: Here comes Gleyber

It’s no surprise that the paths of the virtual Yankees and real-life Yankees have been pretty different. Whether it’s individual players’ performances, opponent’s records, or injuries, this was to be expected. After all, OOTP is a game, and there’s a bunch of randomness that goes into it despite it being calibrated to mimic reality. One […]

MLB: Chicago White Sox at New York Yankees

OOTP Universe Yankees: Wins Aplenty

Last week, the parallel universe Yankees began to right the ship. Perhaps I was getting ahead of myself with that headline, but the team had started playing a little better even before my last post. This week, the team confirmed that it’s on the right track, with two strong series against the Astros and the […]

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees

OOTP Universe Yankees: Righting the ship

After a slow start to the season, it looks like the alternate universe Yankees are starting to find their way. In the previous abbreviated week, the Yankees won two of three. This week, the team’s winning ways continued and an injured player returned. On to the recaps: Messing with Texas If there’s any team to […]

MLB: Chicago White Sox at New York Yankees

Yankees pitchers have become slightly less anti-fastball

No team throws fewer fastballs than the Yankees, and it’s not particularly close. No team throws a harder average fastball than the Yankees, either. I’m not breaking any new ground here, as this has been written about in many places, including Fangraphs and Sports Illustrated. I’ve even touched upon it as it relates to Sonny Gray. What’s my […]