Aaron Judge’s New Approach

Yankees’ right fielder Aaron Judge homered in three straight games earlier this week. That, combined with his judicial last name, has resulted in a multitude of excellent, top-notch, entirely original judge-based puns, each of which is far beyond the talents of this author. My attempts (“he judged that ball really far” and “that was a […]


Struggling Sluggers

In his first at-bat of the season, Gary Sanchez connected with a pitch that rocketed off his bat with an exit velocity of 115.7 mph. That is what advanced statisticians might describe as a hard hit…harder, in fact, than any contact Sanchez had made in his impressive 2016 campaign. Unfortunately, that batted ball also hit […]


Waiting for Wade

On Wednesday, the Yankees sent shortstop/center fielder/spring training rock star Tyler Wade down to minor-league camp, ending the weeks-long mystery about whether or not the man Baseball Prospectus has ranked as the organization’s No. 9 prospect would be the one to fill in for Didi Gregorius throughout the first six weeks of the season. While both […]