Monday Sonnet: One More Dawn

In this series I endeavor to capture the weekend’s action in the form of a sonnet. Shakespeare famously used this poetic form to express passionate feelings, often of love and lust, while I am using it to recap baseball games. Please don’t tell your high school English teacher.


With Wild Card highs now nigh antiquity

By virtue of Bauer’s ven’mous welcome,

The Erie’s ace makes minds think greedily,

His faults thus far having proved quite seldom.


One stroke from Hicks forestalls festivities,

Equipping Yank arms to finish the job,

But the night descends to extra activities,

Thanks to a slam and an unseen bat knob.


Tumult and dread surround the homecoming,

But Tanaka heeds not the worry or woe,

Stocked with splitters ducking and humming,

He sets up young Bird to play the hero.

With nails well-chewed and seat edges near gone,

Yankee fans live to cheer at least one more dawn.


Photo Credit: Anthony Gruppuso / USA TODAY Sports 

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