Monday Sonnet: The Eye of the Storm

In this series I endeavor to capture the weekend’s action in the form of a sonnet. Shakespeare famously used this poetic form to express passionate feelings, often of love and lust, while I am using it to recap baseball games. Please don’t tell your high school English teacher.


With a flicker of hope to swindle the East,

Tanaka makes fools of Toronto’s birds,

Reaching new heights as he dupes fifteen,

Ensuring the line at the top remains blurred.


Despite Judge’s blast to best one last record,

Wishes for a first-place finish are dashed,

Harsh news arrives upon yonder scoreboard:

Boston’s divisional checks have been cashed.


Sunday finds baseball adrift on all fronts,

Every game full of sound, fury, and rest,

A reprieve from the six-month slog just this once,

A day to prepare for the ultimate test.

In the eye of the storm, on this morn so serene,

Let us applaud the best rookie we’ve seen.



Photo Credit: Brad Penner/ USA TODAY Sports

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