Monday Sonnet: Sudsy Smiles

In this series, I endeavor to capture the weekend’s action in the form of a sonnet. Shakespeare famously used this poetic form to express passionate feelings, often of love and lust, while I am using it to recap baseball games. Please don’t tell your high school English teacher.


On clinching’s cusp in hostile northern lands,

Tanaka yields to a barrage of blue,

‘Gainst the onslaught, ‘tis Judge alone who stands,

Eight runs too many for one man to outdo.


Gray and Bird bring forth an elusive berth,

And with it popp’d corks, a fete among friends,

But ‘neath sudsy smiles and apparent mirth,

Lies knowledge that one loss sires an ugly end.


In next day’s light, amidst the dried champagne,

Hangovers replace hunger in another rout,

Making Yankee fate now appear quite plain,

‘Tis time to prepare for the Wild Card bout.

A summer full of passion, measured in loss and wins,

Reduced to just one query: can they beat the Twins?


Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton / USA TODAY Sports

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