Game 94 Recap: Four in a row

I did something different for tonight and listened to the game on the radio. Things started off swimmingly when John Sterling called Michael Pineda “Pinada” to lead us off. Thankfully it was not a harbinger of anything awful happening for the starter. In fact, Pineda had a nice game. Big Mike had a somewhat clean […]


Game 85 Recap: The great escape

Thursday night’s game started off slowly for the Yankees who, thanks to starter Ivan Nova, found themselves in a 2-0 hole in the third inning. With the way Indians’ starter Trevor Bauer was pitching to start the game, it looked like it was going to be another one those frustratingly quiet nights at the plate […]


Game 82 Recap: Unhappy Fourth of July

The Yankees honored their late owner George M. Steinbrenner by losing to the White Sox on what would have been his 86th birthday. You know if George were ali—Just kidding! After flying from San Diego to Chicago for Monday afternoon’s game, the Yankees seemed sluggish at the plate and in the field. Well, more than […]


Game 78 Recap: Another late win!

What’s a beat writer’s worst nightmare? Aside from Bruce Springsteen quitting music, it’s an extra inning game on a getaway day before a long cross country flight. But, thankfully for the scribes on the Yankees’ beat, the boys in Pinstripes avoided extra innings by the skin of their teeth and won this afternoon’s contest against […]


Chase Headley is back

Sometimes baseball players have slow starts to their season. They’ll slog through the early months of April and May and suddenly their bats will come alive as the weather warms up. For the past eight seasons, Yankee fans have watched as Mark Teixeira has struggled during almost every single April he’s been on the team […]