Retiring the Side vs. Judge, Stanton, and Sanchez

On Opening Day, the Yankees formidable trio of right-handed sluggers—Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Gary Sanchez—batted 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the lineup. Combined, they went 6-14 with two mammoth blasts from Stanton, three doubles, and a walk. Quite simply, they performed exactly as expected. Judge had a pretty good day. Sanchez added just the […]


Implications of Giancarlo Stanton

The Yankees have traded for Giancarlo Stanton. The Yankees will lose Starlin Castro and prospects Jorge Guzman and Jose Devers. The Marlins will send the Yankees some cash, likely about $35 million. 1. Murderers Row The 1927 Yankees are the go-to lazy heuristic for commentators who want to say that a team’s lineup is really […]


Is Judge Breaking Projection Systems?

It’s not the awe-inspiring “breaking” we’ve seen from Miguel Sano as he snapped his bat like a twig in 2016. Or the much more humorous attempt at breaking that we’ve seen from the likes of Yasiel Puig, seeking, and failing to accomplish the same feat. This breaking is much more subtle, a metaphor for confusion that emerges when something […]


Aaron Judge and player comparisons

The method sports fans use to prepare themselves for a new generation of prospects is to draw comparisons. We do it all the time– maybe even too much. Comparisons are crude, inaccurate and based on so many subjective factors that we often blur the line between performance and aesthetic comps. Every short, hard-nosed middle infielder is […]