Game 143 Recap: Sloppy

The Yankees seemed to be feeling a little hungover from the loss to the Rays last game. Wins and losses at this point in the season become exponentially important and the Yanks – with a loss to the Dodgers – have now let two games in a row go by the wayside. They are still […]


Game 134 Recap: Tick Tock

Orioles 2, Yankees 0 The season is not over. The season is not over. Why does it feel like the season is over? Overall I would consider myself an optimist in life. However, when it comes to sports the pessimism in me comes out. I try to look at the season with an objective eye, […]


Game 130 Recap: Excuses

Royals 8, Yankees 5 I have watched more games at Kauffman Stadium than any other ballpark in major league baseball. In fact, its one of my favorite places to take in a game. It’s where I saw my first pro baseball game and it’s where I saw Derek Jeter play in person for the last […]


Game 105 Recap: Left Behind

Yankees 6, Mets 5 Left Behind is a series of popular novels based on prophecies in the Bible that tells the story of the end times in which true believers are raptured leaving behind those who were not. The novels are supposed to give the readers a glimpse into a world that is void of […]