Recruiting a Yankee Fan

“UMPHH” Ron and the recliner made the sound simultaneously as they collapsed into each other. Both were covered in dust and grease spots from hard work days much like this one. Ron took a deep, slow breath, closed his eyes, and exhaled. He picked up the TV remote and turned on the pregame show. He […]

MLB: New York Yankees at Los Angeles Angels

Lineups for All Occasions

Setting a lineup is the most idiot-proof aspect of baseball. Except for catchers, the best players take the field every day. There are slight nuances, such as a player needing a rest, playing an occasional platoon advantage, and managing minor injuries. On the whole, the lineup changes very little. Furthermore, batting order doesn’t even matter too […]


Clint Frazier, Third Baseman

The 1968 Detroit Tigers won 103 games and the American League pennant. However, they had a serious lineup construction problem as they prepared to face the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series: four of their best players were outfielders (there was no DH yet). Willie Horton (167 wRC+), Al Kaline (146 wRC+), Jim Northrup […]