Luis Severino, reliever?

When Luis Severino was first called up to the majors, I had visions in my head of an ace. This ace was set to take the Yankee fanbase and the rest of the league by storm, firing 98-mph heaters and wicked changeups all over the place. He was going to take the ball every fifth […]


Ronald Torreyes is showing real skills

I know it’s hard to hear me over the deafening clamor of fans professing their love for Gary Sanchez, but there is more than just Sanchez to be optimistic about on the New York Gary Sanchez’s…I mean, Yankees. One such bright spot is lightly-regarded rookie infielder Ronald Torreyes. Torreyes has had a very interesting career […]


Trade in review: Didi Gregorius

It’s no secret that Didi Gregorius has been a bright spot on this team in 2016, emerging with an adequate enough bat to complement his well-regarded defense. WAR is a rather flawed stat that changes depending on what source you cite, but the consensus is that Gregorius has developed into something resembling a three-win player (prorated per […]


Should the Yankees hold a fire sale?

As the ground still shakes from the Aroldis Chapman trade, a thought keeps entering my mind: Wow, I can’t believe how poorly I read this market. I penned an article a few weeks back, arguing that a swap of Andrew Miller for Adrian Gonzalez straight up would make sense for both teams, and boy was I wrong. Part of that […]