Trading from the relief surplus

The Yankees are in a tricky situation. They’ve just entered the start of their contention window, and now is the time to start making big moves. Brian Cashman accelerated the timeline with his deadline deals in July, and the offseason is an even better time to make improvements because of the larger number of avenues […]


Sonny With A Chance Of Elimination

Look, I’m not here to pile on Joe Girardi. My thoughts on him as a manager were succinctly put by Andrew Gargano in his article on the infamous non-challenge. Throughout his tenure in pinstripes, he’s been well above average in terms of win-loss results, and he’s been (seemingly) above average in terms of maintaining clubhouse […]


Let’s build the best lineup

[Edit: This article was originally written after the second game of the season. Since then, Gary Sanchez has gotten injured, and Joe Girardi has deployed more lineup variations. Still, this article is more about building the optimal lineup with everyone healthy rather than an analysis of today or tomorrow’s lineup in particular.] Through the first two games […]


Chris Carter has no place on this roster

Chris Carter is probably wondering what he did wrong. His job is to hit home runs, and hit home runs he did, tying for the league lead with 41 round-trippers last season. He’s not too old by any measure, coming off of his age-29 season. Yet he could barely find a major-league offer for much of this offseason, contemplating […]