Random thoughts after a sweep and before heading to Philly

Welp, that sucked. The Yankees finally lost three games in a row for the first time this season and were swept in a series for the first time all season. But fear not Yankee fans, all is not lost. With all of the losing over the weekend, I felt it was time for another random thoughts post. So here it goes:

  • No, really, that sucked.
  • Hard.
  • Sunday’s game was especially frustrating because Clint Frazier should have won the game for the Yankees.
  • But no! The dumb things that hang all over Tropicana Field’s ceiling had to ruin it.
  • I loathe that place.
  • I’m so glad the Yankees are out of that shithole.
  • Tonight they’re in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.
  • It’s also a place where pitchers have to bat.
  • Dun dun dun dun, dun!
  • Maybe the team can escape with all of their pitchers in tact this time.
  • Cross your fingers.
  • And your toes.
  • And what the hell, cross your eyes too.
  • Speaking of hurt, Gary Sanchez…
  • This is just not his year.
  • What a bummer.
  • Another bummer? The Yankees wasting a five-hit game from Giancarlo Stanton.
  • Come on, guys.
  • Jonathan Loiasaga is starting tonight.
  • Let’s hope he goes as well as his first start rather than his second start.
  • And oh my God, Domingo German on Sunday!
  • YIKES.
  • He admitted after the game that he wasn’t feeling his pitches.
  • We weren’t either, dude.
  • What a nightmare.
  • I’m glad the Yankees were able to scrape together some runs on Sunday.
  • Their previous two games weren’t great and even after scoring those four runs against James Paxton on Thursday, they had big trouble scoring.
  • Hopefully, they’ve snapped out of it and can score again.
  • This streak isn’t the end of the world.
  • The Yankees are still 50-25 which is excellent.
  • Things could be a lot worse.
  • We could be Mets fans.
  • Woof. They gave up seven solo home runs yesterday.
  • The dagger being Justin Turner’s home run in the 11th which turned into the game-winner.
  • I finally attended my first game of the year.
  • It was Old Timers’ Day.
  • My 20th in a row.
  • Too bad the game afterward wasn’t so much fun.
  • Still, it was a good day. A hot one.
  • I took about 40 pictures of Jason Giambi alone.
  • Having gone to the past 20 OTDs I can say how different they’ve become.
  • We used to see a bunch of guys who played in the 40s and 50s and now there are only a few left.
  • Dr. Bobby Brown is the lone survivor of the 1947 World Series winning squad.
  • I know that’s how life works but it’s still sad.
  • For instance, we won’t get to see Oscar Gamble’s crazy afro anymore.
  • I had forgotten that he died and when he name flashed up on the scoreboard during the in memoriam part of the ceremony, I became sad. I even shed a little tear.
  • For him and for Don Baylor.
  • And for all of the others we’ve lost since June 2017.
  • The game itself was a blowout!
  • I’ve never seen anything like that.
  • It was incredible.
  • Nick Swisher’s home run was the most amusing part of the day.
  • Of course, he’d be the one to hit a ball into the second deck.
  • Back to this week.
  • I’ve never been to Philadelphia.
  • Yeah, I know.
  • Well, not unless you count the few times I’ve passed through it while taking Amtrak down to Baltimore and D.C.
  • I’ve always wanted to go.
  • There are a few places I want to go to and stuff my face.
  • And none of them are Pat’s or Geno’s.
  • I’m not into cheesesteak because I don’t like the cheese they use.
  • There’s a pub called The Good Dog that I saw on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives that looks incredible.
  • The food is drool-worthy.
  • I’d also like to get a Dinic’s roast pork sandwich.
  • Those also look incredible.
  • I saw that place on DDD too.
  • I think Guy Fieri wants to make me fat.
  • I would like for the Yankees to snap out of this lull they’re in.
  • We were on such a high after the Seattle series.
  • Or at least I was.
  • I was so sick of everyone fawning all over them.
  • I’m glad they came back to earth a bit.
  • Seeing tweets about how magical Safeco Field had become was really testing my digestive system.
  • So after Philly, the Yankees play the Red Sox again.
  • Let’s hope we have a repeat of last time and they win two out of three.
  • That would be nice.
  • I’d like for them to score off Kimbrel, beat Chris Sale and keep Mookie Betts’ and JD Martinez’s bats silent.
  • I may be asking for too much.
  • A girl can dream, right?
  • I’d also love it if Stanton’s hot hitting can stick around.
  • I’m sick of people booing him.
  • It’s very silly.
  • Anyway, go Yankees!



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” And oh my God, Domingo German on Sunday!”

well, maybe not.

Sunday seems like the appropriate to have Domingo pitch,

but Severino pitched Tuesday and will be fully rested by Sunday night and the Yanks could send him out

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