Hustlin’ Hicks shines in the outfield

Despite a dismal performance from the Yankees on Friday, Aaron Hicks shined in right field. He made two very difficult catches where he had to flash both speed and hand-eye coordination.


Play One

The first play came on a hard hit fly ball by Miguel Cabrera to right center in the bottom of the third. Once the camera shifted from the batter view to the outfield view, I thought there was no way Ellsbury or Hicks would have a shot to make a play on the ball. At the last second Hicks came rushing into the frame and managed to make the diving catch. This was a proper dive too; it wasn’t one of those half-slide have-dive plays. Hicks was completely horizontal.


Play Two

The second play by Hicks came in the bottom of the seventh when J.D. Martinez hit a soft fly ball to right field. This time Hicks had to make the always difficult running-in play. He capped it off with a feet-first sliding catch.

If Hicks continues to play defense at this level he will start to get more and more opportunities. One thing is certain — he looks much faster and much more agile than Carlos Beltran. That being said, Hicks still needs to prove himself at the plate. So far this young season his hitting has been inconsistent.


Lead photo: Rick Osentoski / USA Today Sports

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Tim Sherman

You’re kidding right? Did you not see him misplay that line drive into a double on Opening Day? He played a sure out into a double that came around to score the go ahead run. Line drive right at him and he ran in and let it go right over his head. I believe it’s a bit premature to laud his defensive skills. He misplayed a few balls in spring training as well.

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