For A-Rod and the Yankees, something has to give

When a superstar entering his prime years signs a long-term contract, there’s the unspoken understanding that the end won’t be pretty. Beyond the glamorous picture painted by gaudy numbers early in the contract is the acceptance that the final years will be filled with regret. We all knew this when Albert Pujols signed his $240 […]


Game 86 Recap: Extra innings success

Saturday’s 7-6 Yankees win over the Indians may not end up meaning much in what is likely a lost season for the club, but it was a fairly well played game that featured plenty of high (and low points). The often-streaky offense shone through, scoring seven runs and notching big hits in important situations to give […]


Starlin Castro’s kryptonite

Every baseball player has a point of weakness—an Achilles heel, if you will. For a batter, it’s often a specific location in or around the strike zone that gives them fits. It doesn’t matter who you are…even Mike Trout has shown vulnerabilities in his swing. Luckily, most are able to overcome their flaws, either by […]


Game 71 Recap: Starlin earns his pinstripes

This recap was going to read very differently in the seventh inning of Wednesday’s 9-8 Yankees’ win. CC Sabathia finally had an off night, middle relievers once again came back to haunt the Yankees, and the offense couldn’t do enough to overcome the deficit. Thankfully, the Yankees managed to come back from four runs and won […]


Joe Girardi avoids the platoon advantage

It’s hard for Yankees fans to admit that Joe Girardi is a very good manager, mostly because he’s the clearest scapegoat for the struggles the Yankees have experienced on the field this season. Still, most would agree that Girardi happens to be one of the better managers in the league. He certainly has his flaws—the […]


Game 65 Recap: Easy Games are Hard

After another loss to the Rockies (6-3, this time), the Yankees have been swept to start what was supposed to be a two week stretch against a pair of very easy teams to beat. Although Wednesday’s game was significantly less crazy than Tuesday’s, it still ended with a tough loss. Like most games the Yankees […]


The Yankees play favorites with their pitches

The Yankees’ rotation seems to be incredibly diverse, from some who get by with electric stuff to others who put away hitters with advanced pitchability. Despite the differences between each starter throws, their arsenals—the actual pitches they throw—happen to be very similar. Oddly enough, the patterns they show for each offering are extreme when compared […]


Game 59 Recap: “Parm Does Harm!”

We’ve missed you, Yankees offense. We’re so happy you’re back, and just scored double digit runs on Wednesday night to beat the Angels 12-6. It took a couple of months, but you’re finally back. I think. It’s just eight days into June, but the Yankees are showing signs of life again. The offense that scored […]