Joe Girardi and the era of stability

There is nothing quite so underappreciated as stability. Stability doesn’t make headlines. It doesn’t sell books or newspapers. It’s silent and safe. It’s perfectly boring. Stability is wallpaper. You don’t even notice it until it suddenly isn’t there anymore. From the moment George Steinbrenner purchased the New York Yankees in 1973, they were anything but […]


The Girardi Incident

The Stage CC Sabathia had retired 12 of the last 13 men he faced. It was an impressive rebound for the 37-year-old veteran after an inauspicious start saw him allow three runs on three hits, two walks and a hit-by-pitch through the first two innings of Friday night’s ALDS Game 2. The Yankee bats came […]


The adaptability of Aaron Judge

Look, you know the drill by now. Every baseball article you’ve read for the past week and a half has given you the rundown on small sample sizes and stabilization rates and blah, blah, blah. Things are happening though! Baseball games finally count again! Real dingers are being hit and real stats are being compiled. […]


The promise of new beginnings

When was the last time the Yankees were exciting? Your mileage may vary. For me, it was Oct. 13, 2012. The Yankees hosted the Tigers in Game 1 of the ALCS that night, a contest best-remembered for two diametric moments: Raul Ibanez lighting the Bronx on fire with another game-tying home run with two outs […]


What if the Yankees…?

Marvel Comics runs a series titled What If. The idea is a novel one: take an existing Marvel storyline and change some key element. What would have happened? What if the Fantastic Four had different superpowers? What if Wolverine killed the Incredible Hulk? What if Peter Parker were bitten by a radioactive hamster instead of a […]


The 2017 Yankees as told by PECOTA

Baseball Prospectus released its PECOTA projections to the world last week, predictably igniting arguments across the country. Why are the Dodgers so high? Why are the Cardinals so low? Won’t someone think of the Royals? While the rest of the baseball world fought over such trivial matters though, we skipped right to the good stuff. By […]


A beginner’s guide to running on Gary Sanchez

While Gary Sanchez’s bat was making daily headlines last summer, his arm was quietly blowing up radar guns across the league. Sanchez caught 13 would-be base-stealers during his two-month major league stint, and his 41-percent caught-stealing rate was good for fifth in all of baseball (minimum 30 attempts). Sanchez became a Statcast star, routinely firing off […]


The future outlook for Hall of Fame Yankees

Last week the Baseball Writers Association of America announced their Hall of Fame Class of 2017 election results, naming Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines and Ivan Rodriguez Cooperstown’s latest inductees. All three are truly deserving candidates, and two of them even spent some time in pinstripes! Unfortunately, Raines’s veteran presence on the Yankees from 1996-98 is outweighed […]

MLB: Seattle Mariners at New York Yankees

The Yankees’ hidden problem

Writing about baseball in mid-January can be a chore. There are no games to analyze and rarely any big news to break. The process of generating ideas is typically reduced to hours of leaderboard sorting in hopes of finding a thread that might just lead to something interesting. It was that process that led me to […]