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Weekly Edition: New York Yankees Facts

It’s time for the weekly edition of New York Yankees facts. Here’s a shocker, Didi Gregorius finds himself on the list once again. Luis Severino also makes another appearance this week. Additionally, Aaron Hicks makes his season debut on the list and much more.

 1. Didi Gregorius Continues to Make History Weekly

Didi Gregorius is off to a blazing start and he is showing no signs of slowing down. On Monday night, Gregorius continued his torrid start blasting two home runs against the Miami Marlins. It’s Gregorius’ second two home run game of the season (It’s still April!).

Didi Gregorius is the 1st Yankees shortstop with two two-home-run games in a single season since Derek Jeter in 2004.

Didi Gregorius is also just the 5th shortstop in Yankees history with two two-home-run games in a single season.

No Yankee shortstop has ever had three two-home-run games in a single season. Gregorius will have the next five months to try to change that.

 2. Aaron Hicks Goes Flying Around the Bases

Aaron Hick’s returned from the DL this past week and immediately made his presence known. Hicks crushed a ball to deep right centerfield on Friday night against the Detroit Tigers that took a fortuitous bounce. Once the ball started rolling around in the outfield, Hick’s picked up the steam with his eyes on home.

Hicks slid into home with a huge smile on his face as he became the 1st Yankee with an inside-the-park home run since Curtis Granderson on August 21, 2011, against the Minnesota Twins.

I happened to be at Comerica Park that night and it was quite the moment. Oh, he also hit another home run later in that game but that time it was via the conventional method.

 3. Is Luis Severino Elite?

If you were not sure what the answer to the question posed above is I’ll help you out: Yes. Luis Severino has been dominant in all but one of his starts this season. Let’s take a quick look at his pitching lines from Opening Day and from April 16th’s game against the Miami Marlins:

Opening Day: 5.2 IP, 1 H, 0 R, W

April 16th: 6 IP, 1 H, 0 R, W

Luis Severino is the first Yankees’ starter to have multiple outings allowing one or fewer hits and zero runs while earning the victory in the same season since CC Sabathia achieved the feat twice in 2010.

Luis Severino is the first RH starter for the Yankees to allow one or fewer hits and zero runs while earning the victory in multiple starts in the same season since Scott Sanderson (1991).

Luis Severino is also just the fifth starter in Yankees history with multiple outings allowing one or fewer hits and zero runs while earning the victory in a single season.

 4. Gary Sanchez Powers the Yankees to Victory at Fenway Park

Gary Sanchez got off to a relatively slow start to the season and that is being somewhat kind. Having said that, Sanchez has been heating up of late and he showed off his power last Wednesday against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. Sanchez finished that game with three hits – two of them being home runs – and four RBI.

Gary Sanchez is the first Yankees hitter with 2+ HR, 3+ H, & 4+ RBI in a game at Fenway Park since Mark Teixeira on April 21, 2012.

Gary Sanchez is also the first catcher in Yankees history with 2+ HR, 3+ H, & 4+ RBI in a game at Fenway Park.

List of Yankees 25-or-younger with 2+ HR, 2+H, & 4+ RBI in a game at Fenway Park:

Lou Gehrig (1927)

Ben Chapman (1931)

Roger Maris (1960)

Gary Sanchez (2018)

Not bad company.

5. Time to Panic? The Yankees are .500 (8-8) through the team’s first 16 games

If you had April in your pool of “when will Yankee fans panic” you win. To be fair, the team has looked abysmal at times. Nonetheless, it’s only been 16 games and it’s not the first time the Yankees have gotten off to a sluggish start. Prior to this season, the Yankees have started 8-8 on three separate occasions since 2000:




What do those three seasons have in common?

They Yankees made the playoffs all three years. In 2004, the team finished 101-61. In 2006, the Yankees went 97-65. In 2007, the Yankees were 94-68.

The Yankees would obviously prefer to have a record better than 8-8 but it’s April and it’s not time to panic about the 2018 squad. The team is too talented to play .500 ball for an entire 162-game season.

Photo Credit: Kim Klement / USA TODAY Sports

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