Random thoughts before the Marlins series

Welcome back, everyone! It seems like forever since the Yankees have played a game. They will take on Giancarlo Stanton’s former team this week and what better way to prepare for this series than for me to spew some random thoughts?

Let’s begin…

  • This weekend was so strange.
  • Even though the Yankees didn’t play for two days it felt much longer.
  • Friday feels like it was two weeks ago.
  • Remember Friday? When Aaron Hicks hit an inside-the-park home run and a regular over-the-fence home run in the same game?
  • Yeah.
  • The weather is wreaking havoc all over the place.
  • Besides the Yankees and Tigers, the Angels/Royals, Blue Jays/Indians, Twins/White Sox and Braves/Cubs all were postponed on Sunday.
  • From Maury Brown on Twitter:┬áThere have now been 23 weather postponements in MLB since the start of the season on 3/29, and 20 for the month of April. The record for the last 18 years for April was 26 in 2007.
  • When you looked at the scoreboard bug either on your phone or on your computer, it probably looked very strange seeing so many postponements.
  • I thought it looked strange.
  • Mother Nature was not fooling around.
  • April is a strange month weather-wise anyway.
  • I remember way back in elementary school when classrooms had big walls outside the rooms that you could decorate and our first-grade teacher made an “April showers bring May flowers,” display.
  • What about April snow showers and blizzards? What do they bring?
  • So Giancarlo Stanton will be facing his former team tonight.
  • That should be interesting.
  • I really hope he gets four hits tonight.
  • I’m sick of Yankee fans booing him.
  • It’s dumb.
  • I know they do it to everyone and believe they’re “entitled” to boo whoever they choose but I’m entitled to think that they’re all a bunch of spoiled jackasses.
  • Oh, and Starlin Castro will also be facing his former team.
  • And Caleb Smith!
  • I also hope Severino doesn’t have the same issues he had in Boston last week.
  • Losing to the Marlins would be bad.
  • They’re not good.
  • The Yankees are not playing well at all.
  • This is not who they are.
  • Some people think it is but it’s not.
  • Some people want to hit the panic button already but it’s way too soon.
  • And yes, I know, every game counts but we’ve seen the Yankees have slow starts before and end up doing just fine.
  • They’re just working out the kinks, I guess.
  • Oh, speaking of that. What is up with Dellin Betances?
  • He really cannot be trusted right now.
  • I don’t want him near a mound unless the Yankees have an insurmountable lead.
  • I’m talking at least 10 runs.
  • That’s how much I don’t want to see him pitch.
  • Tommy Kahnle also needs to figure out some stuff.
  • I think the Yankees will get better when the weather gets better.
  • That may be goofy but I don’t care.
  • Now if only the weather would cooperate.
  • I just want the Yankees to rattle off a few wins.
  • Am I asking for too much?
  • Find out this week!


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