Introducing the Bronx Beat Podcast

For the past three-plus years, I’ve had the honor of producing and hosting 117 episodes of the It’s About the Money Podcast. I’m pleased to announce that the podcast, renamed Bronx Beat, is moving here to BP Bronx.

Fans of BP and BP Bronx should enjoy Bronx Beat. We approach baseball and the Yankees from an analytical viewpoint but also try to have fun. We’ll get into the weeds when appropriate, but also discuss the human side of the game.

Episodes post weekly, usually on Wednesday nights. Below is this week’s episode. We’ll be back after Thanksgiving. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, or using the RSS feed here.

If you’re already listening to the podcast, thank you! If you’re new, please give us a listen and let us know what you think.

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2 comments on “Introducing the Bronx Beat Podcast”

Christina Northrop

Great podcast! Looking forward to seeing who the next managerial candidate is and what moves the Yankees make to protect rule 5 eligible guys.

Juke Early

EJ – thanks for providing a solid performer, covering the NYY. As a born in the Bronx fan, now retired (w/limited $) & living in VA, I need an antidote for endless football blather. Hope you’ll be able to post regular podcasts throughout the Off Season. Best of luck with your doctoral work. . ..

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