Gary Sanchez finishes second in AL Rookie of the Year voting

Despite a historic couple of months, Gary Sanchez fell well short of winning this year’s American League Rookie of the Year award.

The Yankees backstop picked up just four of 30 first-place votes, to Fulmer’s 26. With 23 second-place votes, though, he was the runaway runner-up, for what it’s worth. Sanchez is the fifth Yankee to finish second, joining Whitey Ford in 1950, Kevin Maas in 1990, Hideki Matsui in 2003 and Robinson Cano in 2005.

There was a strong case for Sanchez, which Rory Masterson made back in September, but a late call-up killed his chances.

Voters ultimately decided Fulmer’s shiny 3.06 ERA, amassed over 159 innings, was more substantial than Sanchez’s hot two months, which saw him club an incredible 20 home runs. If Gary was unable to sway voters to reconsider a widespread belief that a late-season call-up can’t win the award, then it does not appear any player will. Could three months have done it? The world will never know.

Photo: Kim Klement/USA Today Sports

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